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The people who push the limits sometimes discover... the limits push back!

Jay Moriarty / Jonny Weston

Biography: Jonny Weston;
  • Born: 1990
  • In: South Carolina, USA.
  • Known For: Chasing Mavericks, Under the Bed, About Cherry, John Dies at the End.

Jay was born in Georgia on the 16th June 1978. His family moved to Santa Cruz, California just after he was born. Jay was taught to surf by his father when he was 9. He was a versatile surfer, able to adapt easily to the different styles of long & short boards. He came to prominence at age 16 when his wipeout at 'Mavericks' was caught on film and made the cover of Surfer Magazine. Jay died in a freediving accident in the Maldives the day before his 23rd birthday.